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    Issue/1298 (#2179) · b6efb1d6
    Mike Harrison authored
    * Updating readme.txt.
    * Version bump v3.0.15
    * Adding a parameter to the add:field and render:newField radio messages so that the higher-level "action" can be accessed by callbacks.
    * correct data structure.
    * version bump v3.0.15
    * Add Metaboxes to Ninja Forms Instance (#1898)
    * Revert "Add Metaboxes to Ninja Forms Instance" (#2093)
    Accidentally merged into `master`. Should have been into `develop`.
    * Add random id for g-recaptcha and explicit rendering function for captchas. Fix for #1298.
    Added new js function for explicit rendering called ninja_forms_grecaptcha_explicit_render() to allow explicit rendering of captchas on a single page. I have only implemented this for plugins below version 3.0 (in the deprecated directory). Also added a unique ID to select each captcha input field on success (for nf_recaptcha_set_field_value()).
    * Enqueue google recaptcha script with the ninja-forms-display dependency
    * Added function for explicit rendering of captcha fields
    * Changed ID of recaptcha hidden field to have a random number instead of the field ID (we need unique field ID's for explicit render)
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