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== Changelog ==
= 3.0.6 (27 September 2016) =
* Added the $post variable to the submission info metabox.
* Suppressed HTML fields from submission data.
* Suppressed HTML fields from all fields merge tags
* Added description text to the Rollback Setting (Advanced).
* Disabled the "Edit" page link when previewing a form.
* Added a plugin wide currency setting in place of the static currency symbol setting.
* Fixed a bug with validating email addresses (ie properly evaluate "+"s).
* Fixed a bug with browser compatibility.
* Fixed a bug with displaying column content on other post types.
* Fixed a bug with updating form submission error messages.
* Fixed a bug with creating empty settings on activation.
* Fixed a bug with column class collisions in CSS.
* Fixed a bug with field help text not displaying on the form.
= 3.0.5 (13 September 2016) =
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