Commit 43bd2ac7 authored by KR Moorhouse's avatar KR Moorhouse Committed by GitHub

Merge pull request #3452 from wpninjas/issue#3193

fixed issue where hyphens broke calculations in submissions edit view
parents e9362f40 82350b1d
......@@ -256,7 +256,8 @@ final class NF_MergeTags_Fields extends NF_Abstracts_MergeTags
public function pre_parse_calc_settings( $eq )
return preg_replace_callback( '/{field:([a-z0-9]|_)*}/', array( $this, 'force_field_calc_tags' ), $eq );
return preg_replace_callback( '/{field:([a-z0-9]|_|-)*}/',
array( $this, 'force_field_calc_tags' ), $eq );
private function force_field_calc_tags( $matches )
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