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== Changelog ==
= 3.0.17 (6 December 2016) =
* When using the RTE setting on the textarea field, the media button should show on all themes.
* The Modernizr library should only be loaded if you are using the RTE on the front-end.
* System date merge tag should respect the date format plugin setting.
* Exported submissions should always have correct order.
* Fixed a bug with list fields that caused the wrong one to be selected if calc values are used.
* HTML entered into field and list option labels should be rendered properly.
* Fixed a bug that caused the date picker to fail on the front-end.
* Filtering field values before display should now work properly in all instances.
* Help text should always render properly on the front-end.
* Fixed a bug with rendering the ReCaptcha field in the 2.9.x codebase.
* Error messages should work properly when displaying multiple forms on the same page.
* The browser should scroll to the success message after a form is submitted.
* Added a label to the ReCaptcha field.
* Added decimal date seperators (MM.DD.YYYY, YYYY.MM.DD, etc.) to the date field setting.
* Sending initial data to for users who have opted in.
* Added the $sub_id data to the ninja_forms_custom_columns filter.
* Field selectors in the builder should always show the "nicename" of the field rather than the programmatic name.
= 3.0.16 (21 November 2016) =
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