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      Merge Develop into Master to prepare for release of version 3.1. (#2687) · 65531f99
      Kevin Stover authored
      * add new merge tag UI.
      * add tag insert/replace.
      * Updated CSS for initial merge tag refactor of styles
      * Added some more tabbed based CSS to push the idea a little further.
      * add filtersearch from setting input.
      * update HTML structure and add active class.
      * add classes for box width.
      * update selector to support textarea settings.
      * Fixes the merge tag UI placement in one-half settings. Fixes #2612
      * move filters and radio messages to view.
      * add support for calculations setting.
      * change position with drawer scroll.
      * add support for RTE merge tags.
      * re-gulp.
      * update on drawer close for new/changed merge tags.
      * replace RTE caret position.
      * add childnode support for RTE caret placement.
      * remove active group when search is updated.
      * add merge tag focus overlay.
      * merge tag focus overlay.
      * disable browser autocomplete.
      * add ENTER lister and highlight first tag.
      * change merge tag list li cursor to pointer.
      * move querystring merge tag to 'other'.
      * on keyup enter for search, insert first merge tag.
      * remove console.log statements.
      * close mergetag box on overlay click.
      * close mergetag box on escape.
      * insert { when .merge-tags clicked in RTE.
      * remove console.log.
      * fix bugs with overlay and z-index of other elements.
      * Gulping
      * Fix edit.php?action=export without post set (#2650)
      Catchable fatal error: Argument 1 passed to NF_Abstracts_ModelFactory::export_subs() must be of the type array, string given, called in wp-content/plugins/ninja-forms/includes/Admin/Menus/Submissions.php on line 306 and defined in wp-content/plugins/ninja-forms/includes/Abstracts/ModelFactory.php on line 462
      * Applies ninja_forms_render_options filter to admin form element (#2641)
      * Fixing a bug with the drawer closing after inserting a new field.
      * Update ninja-forms-es_ES.po (#2628)
      Fix typo in es_ES translation
      The current translation states "This is NOT a required field"
      * Only scroll to success message if it isn't already fully visible #2626 (#2627)
      * Only scroll to success message if it isn't already visible
      If the user already has the form fully visible in their viewport, it's
      disorienting for them when it auto jumps so the success message at the
      top of the viewport. This code checks to see if the success message is
      visible without scrolling, and doesn't scroll if so.
      * Adding animation and fixing incorrect logic
      * Fixing indentation issue
      * Gulping.
      * Fix MailChimp Conflict (#2625)
      * Resolved a conflict with MailChimp, where checkboxes in Submissions were trying to render multiple times, causing them to always evaluate as checked.
      * Updated fix to account for non-English locales.
      * Use the correct date index name for sorting (#2620)
      fixes #2118
      * Finished styling of the new merge tags box
      * Calculation Refactor (#2632)
      * Add checks before running empty field queries.
      * Updated drawer-settings.scss to account for the merge tag icon over the calculations textarea.
      * Updated config files to output calc merge tags in all email and action fields where merge tags are called.
      * Updated merge tag logic to properly update field keys in calculations when a field is changed in the builder.
      * Made updates to my function to account for the :calc we're appending to some field types.
      * Moved some things around on the back end to ensure that empty fields included in calc values properly hand off a zero instead of an empty string. This also lays the groundwork for calculations pulling the calc values from fields instead of the values (provided they exist).
      * Added MetaBox for calculations in Admin->Veiw Submissions. Added a function get_calc_value to Calcs.php. Calculation data (if it exists) is now saved alongside each submission of a Form.
      * Added and temporarily disabled configuration settings for adding a round to decimal feature to calculation totals.
      * add post meta merge tag. Closes #2477.
      * update Field Table merge tags. Closes #2476.
      * update querystring merge tags. Closes #2479.
      * update merge tags to support admin-ajax context. #2480.
      * add palceholder for post_meta merge tag.
      * make calc merge tags avaiable for actions. Closes #2478.
      * add context for fields within calculations.
      * add check for resume flag when processing actions. Closes #2485.
      * Updated drawer settings for calculations to include a precision/round to value.
      * Added logic to the calc model to cast dec (indicating decimal places) to an integer value.
      * Updated visual and organization of calculation settings.
      * Updated ignore file to deal with mac os files. Removed all references to math.min.js and replaced them with math-expression-evaluator.min.js. Updated logic in js and php to handle a decimal value for calculations and included a field in the builder for the user to enter that value (set to 2 by default).
      * Corrected error in calculations logic that was causing thousands separators to fire after decimal places.
      * Updated error handling to properly respond (or not respond) to invalid decimal values. Changed default logic to replace an empty decimal value with 2 instead of 0.
      * Removed stray console.log statement.
      * Corrected processing errors that were causing calculations to ignore locale settings.
      * Resolved conflicts with pre-existing calc:2 merge tags.
      * removed orphan { when closing the merge tag box. #2613.
      * move fields table merge tags to forms sections.
      * add check before trying to trim calc dec setting.
      * add padding-bottom to drawer for merge-tag-box scrolling. #2613.
      * (#2658)
      * Fixing a possible security vulnerability.
      * Updating to version
      * Expose form data to the ninja_forms_submission_actions filter. (#2660)
      * check for errors, instead of fieldErrors. Closes #2601. (#2657)
      * Fixing a PHP notice. Closes #2653. (#2654)
      * Orphaned braces { should now be removed properly when clicking on the merge tag overlay was well as pressing the escape key.
      * Re-organising merge tags.
      * Organising Merge Tags.
      * Adding additional error handling to the merge tag builder logic.
      * Updated a call to locale settings in calculations on the front end, which was throwing js errors when passed an undefined value.
      * Adding user URL to the wp merge tag. Closes #2643.
      * Added filter hook for csv exports for our other plugins to hook into and request adding extra data. Resolved a 500 error in php 5.2 where empty was called on a method. (#2664)
      * Swap order of 'Default' and 'Placholder' for NF_Abstracts_Input; Close #1932 (#2663)
      * [Feature] Dashboard (#2633)
      * Added Dashboard to Admin Menu section. Updated main plugin file to use it instead of all-forms. Removed add new option.
      * get Dashboard submenu to display.
      * require backbone.marionette and separate out devDeps.
      * ignore minfied dashboard assets.
      * also ignore dashboard map.
      * minify dashboard js and move Mn3 for build.
      * scaffold dashboard JS.
      * update gulp watch to include dashboard app.
      * setup dashboard css.
      * add content views with switching.
      * Created form model. Added default data for testing.
      * Add dashboard tempaltes.
      * Added forms controller for database connection and output json data to dashbaord. Will need to rewrite as a url instead of localization later.
      * Removed testing param from FromsController construct.
      * Tied the Form Controller into the Form Collection.
      * add temp wrap styling.
      * update widget forms template.
      * Revert "update widget forms template."
      This reverts commit f636f209e82b1ebea1f6db911c0bb8d1662aa076.
      * Added forms table view and updated templates with static testing values.
      * add basic structural styles.
      * Changed data references to correct mismatch in json data.
      * update styles.
      * Added collection structure for Widget Form Table.
      * Removed duplicate tr tags from template, as the view adds them instead.
      * add back nav styles.
      * add forms table empty view.
      * Added templates view.
      * add new form templates endpoint.
      * add forms table filtering.
      * Added model and collection for form templates.
      * Updated templates and views for form templates.
      * update widget form filtering.
      * add basic form template styles.
      * add widget form template filtering.
      * Updated form templates template to link models to form templates in the builder.
      * Added Endpoints for Get forms, Delete, and Duplicate.
      * update form template styles.
      * add back form templates mock endpoint.
      * fix form templates mock endpoint.
      * toggle add/cancel and more/less.
      * map events to ui and update add/cancel trigger.
      * Added menu items to table rows in forms table.
      * Added url references to table row menu items.
      * re-organize dashboard templates.
      * update form layout/collection views.
      * open preview and submissions in a new tab.
      * add max-height to widget forms content.
      * re-name views and templates to be more unique.
      * move more/less to forms table view.
      * toggle class with more/less buttons.
      * add forms table loading view.
      * Added modal popup on delete asking for confirm or cancel.
      * Added duplicate function.
      * Added functionality for duplication and deletion before ajax calls.
      * Removed bloat from old functionality.
      * update widget forms search palceholder text.
      * add new 'blank' form template. #2651.
      * maybe show More button. #2651.
      * add sorting to forms widget table. #2651.
      * enqueue jBox styles. #2651.
      * add empty href for form duplicate/delete. #2651.
      * Added forms controller.
      * add forms REST controller.
      * add duplicating to forms widget. #2651.
      * make Dashboard the top level submenu item. #2651.
      * extract REST controller and add New Form Templates controller.
      * update formsController and avoid double fetching forms. #2651.
      * update collection reference for sorting. #2651.
      * add reverse sorting.
      * Start styling dashboard
      * Updated menu slug so that Dashboard highlights properly on select. Updated dashboard templates and view functions to add an active class to selected items in the dashboard menu.
      * load builder css for the dashboard.
      * Added modal popup to indicate duplication is taking place.
      * convert table to table markup.
      * add gulp dashboard and watch:dashboard commands.
      * update page title for the builder.
      * add class to forms table view.
      * Added spinner to the duplicate modal.
      * Additional dashboard styles
      * Moved dashbaord menu items to an external config file for localization and translation.
      * toggle show-actions.
      * add date formatting.
      * fix href jumping.
      * limit 1 .sho-actions at a time.
      * add location.hash section pre-loading.
      * Styling apps and membership sections along with form templates.
      * fix active classes for section links.
      * add forms loading debug.
      * Continued member styling enhancements.
      * extract querystring functionality.
      * add empty debug check.
      * change tagName for empty and loading table rows.
      * More membership styling
      * fix section active setting/toggling.
      * add add-on margin override.
      * Remove outline s around links in some browsers.
      * Changing the features link target to _blank.
      * add deep link for add-new submenu.
      * add deep linking for apps/addons.
      * add deep linking for the dashboard submenu to the forms widget.
      * deep linking cleanup.
      * removed 2.9 adding from son feed
      * fix JSON formatting.
      * remove debugging helper.
      * update routing jquery selectors.
      * Finished translation and styling of the new dashboard.
      * Added UTM queries to links to our website.
      * Changed menu item to Ninja Forms instead of Forms
      * Fixing merge conflicts with the develop branch.
      * Moving the form wrapper_class setting output to the nf-form-cont div.
      * add template helper for field select in option repeater. (#2666)
      * Updated logic in Products to bandaid-fix merge tag output of product totals. (#2656)
      * Updaed target call in Dashboard menu from li element to a element.
      * fix form created_at formatting.
      * Cleaning up apps and integrations
      * hide admin notices on the dashboard.
      * restore vert logo for admin notices.
      * Updated content of the older add-ons in the addon-json file.
      * Added images and updated the adding-feed.json.
      * Move the form wrap call to it's own variable for older PHP compatiablity. (#2667)
      * Change States Field NiceName to be US States to avoid confusion. Closes #2481 (#2668)
      * Corrects the URL under the licenses tab when no plugins are installed. Closes #2228 (#2669)
      * Adds KR and Justin to the contributors list. Closes #2670 (#2671)
      * Fixing a bug with HTML fields and the insert media button. Closes #2585. (#2672)
      * Opening the "Blank Form" template should open the add field drawer. C… (#2677)
      * Opening the "Blank Form" template should open the add field drawer. Closes #2676.
      * Gulping.
      * Removing form templates from the builder. Closes #2678. (#2679)
      * add merge tag support for option repeaters.
      * fix merge conflicts.
      * The Add New button should now be below the drawer when the drawer is opened. Closes #2680. (#2681)
      * Adding _blank targets to a hrefs on the memberships page.
      * Changing target of Apps & Integrations a hrefs to _blank.
      * Updated post submission processing to properly handle thousands seps in all locales. (#2682)
      * Updated get help page to account for _SERVER keys on IIS version 7. (#2683)
      * First pass at updating the readme. Added some FAQs, changed title, and dropped pre-3.x changelog data. (#2686)
      * Updating to version 3.1. See Changelog for details.
      * Fixing a spacing issue in the readme.txt.
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      Fixing a spacing issue in the readme.txt. · d30ebd98
      Kevin Stover authored
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      First pass at updating the readme. Added some FAQs, changed title, and dropped... · 9d02ccbb
      James Laws authored
      First pass at updating the readme. Added some FAQs, changed title, and dropped pre-3.x changelog data. (#2686)
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    • Kevin Stover's avatar (#2658) · 74bf54bd
      Kevin Stover authored
      * Fixing a possible security vulnerability.
      * Updating to version