Commit 7f45eb08 authored by Kevin Stover's avatar Kevin Stover Committed by KR Moorhouse

Fields Required Update Pulls from the Form Cache

parent 3ee145ba
......@@ -261,8 +261,23 @@ class NF_Updates_CacheCollateFields extends NF_Abstracts_RequiredUpdate
$this->form = array_pop( $this->running[ 0 ][ 'forms' ] );
// Get the fields for our form from the cache.
$fields = Ninja_Forms()->form( $this->form[ 'ID' ] )->get_fields();
$form_cache = WPN_Helper::get_nf_cache( $this->form[ 'ID' ] );
// Create an empty $fields array.
$fields = array();
* Loop over our cached form fields and instantiate a model for each.
* Update its settings to match those in the cache.
* Add it to our $fields array.
foreach( $form_cache[ 'fields' ] as $cached_field ){
// Create a new model for this field.
$field = new NF_Database_Models_Field( $this->db, $cached_field[ 'id' ], $this->form[ 'ID' ] );
// Update settings to match cache.
$field->update_settings( $cached_field[ 'settings' ] );
// Add this to our $fields array, using the field id as the key.
$fields[ $field->get_id() ] = $field;
* For each field in our cache, add it to our class vars:
* field_ids <- non-associatve array of field ids from the cache.
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