Commit 86deeecb authored by KR Moorhouse's avatar KR Moorhouse

Merge branch 'issue#3758' into 'develop'

Added a post_type check to adding our custom columns.

Closes #3758

See merge request ninja-forms/ninja-forms!3717
parents 51a80f4c 0067ef69
Pipeline #734 passed with stage
......@@ -184,6 +184,10 @@ final class NF_Admin_Menus_Submissions extends NF_Abstracts_Submenu
public function custom_columns( $column, $sub_id )
global $post_type;
if ( 'nf_sub' !== $post_type ) return false;
$sub = Ninja_Forms()->form()->get_sub( $sub_id );
switch( $column ){
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